Waterproof tape + waterproof spray

Waterproof tape SealMaster: Waterproof tape SealMaster:
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Waterproof tape + waterproof spray

Waterproof tape + waterproof spray

€29,95 €22,95

Waterproof tape + waterproof spray

€29,95 €22,95
Size of tape:
100cm x 10cm x 1.2mm
Size of AquaStop:
100ml, transparent spray

Step 1: Clean dust or other dirt from the surface.

Step 2: Measure and cut on the wanted size.

Step 3: Remove the tape protective film and apply waterproof tape to the wanted area.

Step 4: Flaten the adhesive tape and you are done!

All you need for quick repairs and water leaks!

From now on you will seal, repair, and protect against leaks, moisture, and water damage like a professional.

See why so many people love this waterproofing duo...

This product is amazing. I spraied it on my facade around window sills to prevent alges and ugly moldy look. It really works!
Love it. It is so easy to apply and it won't change the color of your concrete. I accidentally dropped a glass of red wine a day after I applied this product. Grabbed the hose and it washed away. No stains, damage or issues.
Best product!
Wonderful product. Spray over a hold or damaged area that needs sealing or waterproofing. It sticks, expands a bit and seals well. I fixed a dripping gutter in a few minutes. Highly recommend.

Don't wait until the next leak or damage occurs. Secure your home today!